forWhichPlayer player
whichState fogstate

Determines what type of fog the area is being modified to.

center location

The location where the fog modifier begins.

radius real

Determines the extent that the fog travels (expanding from the location center).

useSharedVision boolean

Determines whether or not the fog modifier will be applied to allied players with shared vision.

afterUnits boolean

Will determine whether or not units in that area will be masked by the fog. If it is set to true and the fogstate is masked, it will hide all the units in the fog modifier's radius and mask the area. If set to false, it will only mask the areas that are not visible to the units.


Creates an object that modifies the fog in a circular radius for a specific player.


You must use FogModifierStart to enable the fog modifier.

return type
Source code
native CreateFogModifierRadiusLoc takes player forWhichPlayer, fogstate whichState, location center, real radius, boolean useSharedVision, boolean afterUnits returns fogmodifier