forWhichPlayer player

Target player.

whichState fogstate

Change fog to this type. See fogstate for type explanation.

centerx real

X-coordinate of the circle center.

centerY real

Y-coordinate of the circle center.

radius real

Circle's radius (from center to its edge).

useSharedVision boolean

If true, apply new state to player and whoever player shares their vision. If false, apply only to player themself.


Sets target player's fog of war data in the specified circle area.

Individual player's fog state is a reflection of player's map exploration progress: which areas were explored or still hidden; which are fogged (not visible); which are visible. What is visible in game is a combination of personal fog state & fog modifiers.

return type
Source code
native  SetFogStateRadius    takes player forWhichPlayer, fogstate whichState, real centerx, real centerY, real radius, boolean useSharedVision returns nothing