whichUnit unit

The function will modify this unit's propulsion window.

newPropWindowAngle real

The propulsion window angle to assign. Should be in radians.


Sets a unit's propulsion window to the specified angle (in radians).

The propulsion window determines at which facing angle difference to the target command's location (move, attack, patrol, smart) a unit will begin to move if movement is required to fulfil the command, or if it will turn without movement. A propulsion window of 0 makes the unit unable to move at all. A propulsion window of 180 will force it to start moving as soon as the command is given (if movement is required). In practice, this means that setting a unit's prop window to 0 will prevent it from attacking.

return type
Source code
native          SetUnitPropWindow   takes unit whichUnit, real newPropWindowAngle returns nothing