modelName string

The path of the model. Use double backslashes when specifying a directory, rather than single backslashes. See AddSpecialEffect for an example.

targetWidget widget

The widget to attach the effect to.

attachPointName string

The attachment point of the widget where the effect will be placed. Attachment points are points in a model that can be referenced to as areas for effects to be attached, whether it be from a spell or this function. A list of common attachment points in in-game Warcraft 3 models can be seen below. If the attachment point does not exist, it will attach the effect to the model's origin.


Attaches the special effect to the attachment point attachPointName of the target widget, using the model file with a path modelName.

Upon creation, the effect will play its "birth" animation followed by its "stand" animation (once the birth animation has finished). If the model does not have animations, it will show up the way it appears by default. The effect will last indefinitely unless it is destroyed, even if the model seems to disappear. To destroy an effect, see DestroyEffect.


Strings such as "Large" and "Medium" affect effects' sizes on the widget it is attached to. You can add or remove these by going to the object editor and modifying "Art - Required Animation Names - Attachments" for a particular unit you are attaching effects to.


To create an effect only visible to one player see



return type
Source code
native AddSpecialEffectTarget       takes string modelName, widget targetWidget, string attachPointName returns effect