fileName string

The path to the file.

looping boolean

Looping sounds will restart once the sound duration has finished.

is3D boolean

3D Sounds can be played on particular areas of the map. They are at their loudest when the camera is close to the sound's coordinates.

stopwhenoutofrange boolean
fadeInRate integer

How quickly the sound fades in. The higher the number, the faster the sound fades in. Maximum number is 127.

fadeOutRate integer

How quickly the sound fades out. The higher the number, the faster the sound fades out. Maximum number is 127.

SLKEntryName string

the label out of one of the SLK-files, whose settings should be used, e.g. values like volume, pitch, pitch variance, priority, channel, min distance, max distance, distance cutoff or eax.


Creates a sound but applies default settings to the sound, which are found under the label from the following SLK-files:

  • UI\SoundInfo\AbilitySounds.slk
  • UI\SoundInfo\AmbienceSounds.slk
  • UI\SoundInfo\AnimSounds.slk
  • UI\SoundInfo\DialogSounds.slk
  • UI\SoundInfo\UISounds.slk
  • UI\SoundInfo\UnitAckSounds.slk
  • UI\SoundInfo\UnitCombatSounds.slk

You can only play the same sound handle once.


You can only play the same sound filepath four times.


Sounds of the same filepath (on different sound handles) must have a delay of at least 0.1 seconds inbetween them to be played. You can overcome this by starting one earlier and then using SetSoundPosition.


You can only play 16 sounds in general.



return type
Source code
native CreateSoundFilenameWithLabel takes string fileName, boolean looping, boolean is3D, boolean stopwhenoutofrange, integer fadeInRate, integer fadeOutRate, string SLKEntryName returns sound