mbi multiboarditem

Target cell handle.

width real

New cell width expressed as screen width. 1.0 = 100% of screen width, 0.05 = 5% of screen width.

The multiboard is right-aligned (begins at the right) at the window border. See Tasyen's The Big UI-Frame Tutorial for the explanation of screen width.


Sets the new text width for the cell.

Default width is 0.03 (3%), this is enough to fit 1-3 characters (depending on font and character).


NOTE! Multiboard's total width is calculated based on ONLY the first row's widths.

Example: Your first row is very short, but second row is twice is long.

Result: The second row will not fit inside the table and overflow to the right, beyond the visible area.

Summary: To set the multiboard width, set the width of columns in the first row.


Although the column width is set immediately and items in the same row are moved left/right, the multiboard is not redrawn to accomodate the new width.

To update the entire multiboard's width, you must manually minimize/maximize the multiboard or call MultiboardDisplay(udg_myMultiboard, true) or MultiboardMinimize(udg_myMultiboard, false).

For example, if you only change the width of cell at (x=0, y=0) to be 0.2x of screen width, then the cell (x=1, y=0) will be moved right beyond the visible screen.


See: MultiboardSetItemsWidth.



return type
Source code
native MultiboardSetItemWidth           takes multiboarditem mbi, real width returns nothing