x real

horizontal world coordinate of the ping.

y real

vertical world coordinate of the ping.

duration real

duration of the ping in seconds.

red integer

0-255 red color (value mod 256).

green integer

0-255 green color (value mod 256).

blue integer

0-255 blue color (value mod 256).

extraEffects boolean

When true, the ping will have the appearance of a "flashy" ping. Otherwise it will be a "simple" ping (see notes).


Pings a spot on the minimap.


"Simple" pings (GUI/blizzard.j terminology) have a default shape of a rotating circle with 4 arrows pointing inwards and periodically emitting a growing circle that fades out like a pulse. There is also a dot in the center.


"Flashy" pings (GUI/blizzard.j terminology) have the same shape as user-generated pings. On default, they first feature an exclamation mark and a large circle growing and fading out before going into a stable state where smaller circles are periodically emitted growing and fading out like a pulse and there is a static exclamation mark in the center.


Pings with red == 255 && green == 0 && blue == 0 (mod 256) have a special shape, appearing as "attack" or "warning" pings (GUI/blizzard.j terminology). On default, if extraEffects is false, it is similar to "simple" pings but the rotating arrows are flying in from outside before getting attached to the circle. On default, if extraEffects is true, it additionally briefly shows an exclamation mark when the ping vanishes (bug?).


There can only be 16 pings at a time. When a new one is created but there are already 16, the oldest will be deleted in favor of the new one. This includes user pings: user pings can be deleted by this function and user pings can overwrite scripted pings.



return type
Source code
native PingMinimapEx                takes real x, real y, real duration, integer red, integer green, integer blue, boolean extraEffects returns nothing