x real

x-coordinate (world units) of the point.

y real

y-coordinate (world units) of the point.

radius real

Maximum pick distance from the point.

doodadID integer

The type of the doodad that should be affected.

nearestOnly boolean

If true, only the single doodad (of the given type) closest to the point will be affected, otherwise all in the vicinity (of the given type).

animName string

String identifier of the animation that should be played.

animRandom boolean

If true, the animation to be played will be picked from an extended set including different variations of the animName, e.g., if animName is "walk", it can also be "walk defend".


Makes doodads in the vicinity of a point play an animation.


Only doodads whose origin is within the radius distance of the point are considered.


There are the special values "hide" and "show" for animName, which will hide respectively show the doodad. When a doodad is hidden this way, its animation will pause at the current time frame. Re-showing the doodad resumes the animation.


If a target does not have an animation identified by animName (and it's not one of the special animation names either), it will play its first declared animation instead.


If animName is null and there is at least one target, the game will crash.


If animRandom is true and the picked animation is looped, it will freshly re-pick from the set when an animation ends.



return type
Source code
native SetDoodadAnimation       takes real x, real y, real radius, integer doodadID, boolean nearestOnly, string animName, boolean animRandom returns nothing