whichUnit unit

The unit to modify.

red integer

visibility of red channel (clamped to 0-255).

green integer

visibility of green channel (clamped to 0-255).

blue integer

visibility of blue channel (clamped to 0-255).

alpha integer

opacity (clamped to 0-255). A value of 255 is total opacity (fully visible). A value of 0 is total transparency; the model will be invisible, but you'll still see the shadow, HP bar etc.


Sets the unit's entire model color to the color defined by (red, green, blue, alpha).

The vertex color changes how the model is rendered. For example, setting all r,g,b=0 will make the model entirely black; no colors will be visible (like Illidan's demon form).

To imagine the final result of changing vertex colors, it is helpful to think of individual RGB layers in a color image, if you disable the Red channel, only Green & Blue channels will be shown.


Not to be confused with SetUnitColor which changes a unit's player accent color.



return type
Source code
native          SetUnitVertexColor  takes unit whichUnit, integer red, integer green, integer blue, integer alpha returns nothing